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Previously going by the name of ‘van Elst A.M.O.’
‘And Many Others’ is a theatre company that creates contemporary theatre from untold stories that explore the beauty and malfunctions of our society.

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Writer Claudia Marinaro

Writer Claudia Marinaro

Director Annemiek van Elst

Director Annemiek van Elst

The heart of our company is Director Annemiek van Elst and Writer Claudia Marinaro. As our name implies, we are with many. We aim to connect and collaborate with many other artists and inspiring people to explore, discover, research and develop personal stories that spark our work.


Research constitutes an important part of our process. Whether this means following lectures of an interesting academic, or spending three nights on the cold streets of London – curiosity and honesty go hand in hand. 

Set Designer Bex Kemp

Designer Bex Kemp

Facilitating work within the city so as to (re)connect local communities, it is all part of our work as a theatre company.


Costume Designer Syed Nisar

Costume Designer Syed Nisar


We believe in the power of live storytelling. How it brings people together, how it creates mass emotion, and how it connects them through understanding that world just a little bit better.

Actress Philippa Carson

Actress Philippa Carson

The closer you look, the more absurd reality becomes. We entertain our audience with the world around them – the best jokes are not made up!

Actor and Composer Tice Oakfield

Actor and Composer Tice Oakfield

We make social/political theatre that we have a personal connection with: either because it struck us in the news, it happened just around the corner, or it took place in our own house…


Nadia Lamin - Actress

Actress Nadia Lamin

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Nadia Lamin

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