The lockdown moving archive

At “And Many Others” we are dedicated to transforming real-life experience into stories to be seen, read, or heard. 

We are now looking for your stories from these days of lockdown.

We will read them, remix them, put them in conversation with each other, and adapt them into the format that feels most right for them, from written text to sound recording. Think of it as a project in between a tapestry and a mixtape, a written social gathering that turns your reality into a shared fantasy.

Has something happened that’s stayed with you? 

Or do you want to share your ordinary day, whether you’re spending it alone or with someone now stuck in the same home? 

Have you seen anything interesting from your window, in your home, or on your way to doing the groceries? 

Imagine you’re writing a page in a journal you don’t mind other people reading, then send it to us! No story is too big or too small, too mundane or too strange. We’re interested in finding what we share without knowing it, what makes us different or the same at this time. We want to create a living and breathing archive of our experiences and highlight those beautiful threads that connect us, pull us together and push us apart. 

We are currently taking submissions in English, Dutch and Italian – anything from a couple of sentences up to a full page. You can submit your story anonymously here or email it to us at If you choose to email us, let us know whether you wish to remain anonymous or be credited as a contributor.
For Dutch / Voor in het Nederlands:

We can’t wait to read from you!

All the best,
Claudia and Annemiek
Any Many Others

(Please note that while you retain the rights to your story as it was submitted to us, we will have rights over the newly edited, mixed story that will be sent out).

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