NewsRevue @ Canal Cafe Theatre – London

NewsRevue, the world’s longest running live comedy show continues at the Canal Café Theatre every Thursday – Saturday at 9.30pm and Sundays at 9pm. A fast-moving mix of sketches and songs, NewsRevue propels you through the world’s news and current events at breakneck pace – all-kicking, idol-burning comedy, updated every week by a crack team of writers.

From 18 April to 26 May 2019 Annemiek will be directing NewsRevue at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London.
Cast include:
Beth Burrows
Brett Sinclair
Daniel Hall
Roseanna Connolly
Matthew Biddulph

Musical Director: Gary Jerry

For more info and tickets:


Review: My Fair Theatregoer


…It’s impressively slick, expects you to keep up and in doing so manages to grab your attention for the entire ride…

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